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2 jar Set - Traditional Beeswax Wood Conditioner + Traditional Beeswax Furniture Polish

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2 jar set - Wood Conditioner and Beeswax Furniture Polish

For lovely wood, polish and condition with beeswax!

Brookfield Farm Wood Conditioner

Give your wooden chopping boards, bread boards, butcher blocks, wooden countertops and utensils the care they need with the fabulous Brookfield Farm Wood Conditioner. 

The beeswax works to fill in knife marks to restore an even surface. It is ideal for items that see heavy use, preserving the natural beauty of the wood while also extending its functional life compared to untreated boards and blocks. 

Used regularly the conditioner can help to prevent drying and cracking of wooden chopping boards and surfaces, and improve its resistance to moisture. 

Odourless, colourless and tasteless; our Wood Conditioner is food-safe and can be used on any wooden food preparation surface. 

The conditioner is made from beeswax and food grade mineral oil. Apply liberally with a dry clean cloth and rub in well.

 Detailed instructions

Beeswax Furniture Polish helps to protect wood furniture and adds a beautiful natural fragrance. It is a safe, natural, and effective way to bring new life to your wood furniture. You can use it to polish finished furniture, to clean up damaged pieces, or as a stand-alone finish on unfinished wood.

Traditional recipe with beeswax, linseed oil and turpentine. Lavender essential oil adds a comforting scent to your atmosphere.

Suitable for all wood surfaces and easy to apply using a soft cloth to provide a wonderful sheen. 

Confirm that the finish is wax by testing it with a coin. Pick up a coin between your thumb and index finger. Scrape the edge of it firmly against the finish in a hidden area. The finish will start to flake off if it is wax.

  • Since wax sits on top of the wood, it will flake off when you scrape at it with a coin. If nothing flakes off, then your furniture may have an oil finish.

Buy a wood wax to polish and protect your furniture. Use wax to polish your furniture when it already has a layer of old wax finish on it, or when it has not been finished with any kind of polish yet. Use wax with a pigment that matches the furniture's finish to conceal scratches, or use clear wax with any color of wood furniture.[14]

  • Compared to polishing furniture with a wood oil polish, wax polishes will leave more of a glowing sheen instead of a super glossy finish.
  • If your wood furniture has already been polished with oil, then stick to using oil polishes instead of wax. Use wax only on furniture that already has a wax finish or is unfinished. If you mix oils and waxes, it will create a gummy finish on the furniture.

Wipe the wood with mineral spirits to remove dirt and residue from old polishes. Open windows for ventilation before you work with mineral spirits. Dampen a soft cloth with mineral spirits and wipe down the whole piece of furniture, then dry off any excess with a clean dry cloth.[15]

  • Make sure the cloth isn't dripping with mineral spirits. You just want it to be damp, not soaked.

Wrap a clean cotton cloth around a ball of wax. The wax ball needs to be about the size of a walnut. The wax will seep through the cotton as you rub the furniture down with it wrapped inside the cloth.[16]

  • You can cut up an old t-shirt to make a bunch of cotton cloths for waxing your furniture.

Rub the cloth and wax all over the furniture, going with the grain. Evenly apply just enough wax to create a thin glossy layer. Start at one end of the piece and work in small areas. Move on to the next area when the part you are working on has a thin sheen of wax.

  • If you are working on a large piece of furniture, then wax and buff areas no larger than 3 ft (0.91 m) by 3 ft (0.91 m) at a time.

Let the wax absorb into the furniture for 15-30 minutes. Wait until the wax starts to look dull, but not until it is completely dry. It will be much harder to buff smooth if you let it dry longer than this.

  • If you let the wax dry too much, simply apply another layer over top of the dried layer and it will soften the layer underneath.

Buff the excess wax off with a clean cotton cloth. Wipe off the wax firmly with the grain. Keep wiping to buff the wax until you don't see any swirls of wax left on the furniture....

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