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the sweetest gift

Give a year of bounty from Irish country bees for the ones you love with a Brookfield Farm Hiveshare.

Why give one gift when you can give many?

Introducing Brookfield Farm Hiveshare options, choose from the Bee Friend, the Bee Spporter or the Bee Champion. 

Bees are in trouble, due to a complicated mix of environmental factors, chemicals used by garden owners and farmers and lack of flowers/nectar. Every year beekeepers are having quite a number of losses (hives dying) annually - usually about 25%, but in 2015 beekeepers lost about 60% of their hives. Queen bees are also not living as long - about 3 years instead of 5. This is across Ireland and the world.

Another problem is that honey production is very unpredictable in Ireland - we have about 12 weeks (if lucky) when Irish bees can forage and make surplus honey for us to harvest. The rest of the year, bees forage to feed themselves. Last summer we were happy, the best summer since 1976 and we got a large honey surplus because it was warm and the bees loved our 10 acres of flower meadows. The year before it was cool and damp, and the bees basically made no surplus honey. So we maintain additional hives, and work with a mentor beekeeper to ensure our customers get guaranteed honey to match their specified share.