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  • Reserve your Brookfield Farm lamb now! Our lamb is delicious, tender and¬†great value. Book now, a small deposit will ensure your lamb for you in a few weeks.

    Our lamb is an special product, raised in a small flock and carefully reared. When ready for eating, the lamb has been brought to a local, fully accredited, craft butcher, carefully handled to avoid stress and processed with a few of its flockmates. This old fashioned treatment is rare today.

    What you are getting is a completely different animal from the anonymous conveyor belt lamb you normally buy from the supermarket. It is also great value.

    Buying lamb direct from Brookfield Farm not only saves money, but you will notice the difference in taste and quality in our lambs that are produced locally, fresh from our farm, and delivered directly to your door. 

    Brookfield Farm Half lamb: Weighs about 10-12 kg. Will fit neatly packed in about 1 and 1/4 drawers in a standard upright freezer. Convenient, delivered straight to your door.

    Lamb is a seasonal product and depending on the time of year, the product will change. The colour and flavour of the flesh will depend on where the sheep were raised. Spring Lamb (or new Season Lamb) is lamb under 1 year old. When lamb passes its first birthday, it is termed hogget, and at this age can make excellent eating. It‚Äôs darker in colour and richer in flavour, with a heavier fat covering. It is hung for about a week to ten days. The lamb from Brookfield farm varies from 5 months to one year ‚Äď meaning the meat is tender and yet has a terrific depth of flavour.¬†

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    • Our lamb is raised in a small flock and carefully reared
    • Our¬†sheep flock is free-range, organically certified
    • Our lambs graze on lakeshore pastures sown with¬†organic grass seed and clover
    • We supplement¬†the grass with a little organic¬†ration in winter
    • Our lamb is fully traceable and locally slaughtered by a traditional¬†craft¬†butcher
    • Unlike supermarket meat, our lamb is hung on the bone for a minimum of 7-10 days, ensuring delicious tenderness and flavour
    • Our farm is part of agri-environment scheme¬†AEOS
    • Our passion for¬†farming sustainability and a thriving countryside with rural collaboration drives us
    • Buying lamb direct from Brookfield Farm means less¬†food miles
    • You save by buying direct from Brookfield Farm.¬†
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    Check out our Lamb FAQ HERE 

    If you have any further queries, please contact us on

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